Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top cheflicious

Parking at the park. Ran some errands before meeting the girls.
What I wore: Hello, mate!

A couple of the girls and I went out to dinner last Wednesday. Afterward, K took us out to Nob Hill's Minx (formerly Red Room) to show the local support for Jamie, representing ♥San Francisco in Bravo's Top Chef.
It was a pretty fun night, Jamie won the scallop challenge which we got to see on one of Minx's nice TV screens (their new look and energy is very nice and inviting, well done Minx!) I forgot to take a photo of my bike locked onto this robust tree outside, it was comedic.
It was a pleasure to have Jamie around, watching the show she is in! Her friends & a large group of peers cheered her on & had snacks and drinks :) It is the first time I meet someone that has been in a TV show. She is adorable! I'll be cheering, good luck Jamie!!!


  1. I think I have said it before, but I love those boots! You have such nice style and your bicycle compliments you well :)

  2. Meligrosa, I'm thinking of a collaboration for my next giveaway -- shoot me a note if you want to discuss.

  3. loving the red boots... are they fluevogs?

  4. san/ thanks so much! the bike is def. my favorite accesory LOL

    ElisaM/ ♥!!

    Yokota/ sweet.

    ChiaraKael/ thank you :) no they are Campers. Got them about 3yrs ago

  5. How cute! I'm teevoing the show as I type (Damage is on at the same time and a very embarrassing guilty pleasure, I admit). Is that your bike with the wire basket? Love it.

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Thanks ♥MaryJo! yes, I just got into it since I dont watch much TV at all. (&yes, that my beloved BFF-bike)

  7. You look so great in a shift dress! Way to rock it:)


  8. i second @miss sarah - you look fantastic in the shift. i covet a bike and am scouring craigslist for perfection. also! totally want to collaborate with you this year! let's do it!

  9. ♥thank you miss sarah!

    thanks for the lovely comments Mai! best of luck bike shopping, always so exciting ;)
    & yes, would love to!! keep me posted


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