Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Muy Caffeinated

Mexico City has great coffee to offer. Here a few neighborhoody-coffee houses, that were a pleasure to visit and take a nice time-out.

Cafe Toscano (everyone calls it 'el café ILLY' ) in La Condesa / Coffee house in Polanco

Cafe Solo con Dios, San Angel. Is that lady a retired celebrity? I wouldn't know

Coffee, a place to chat and art, great mix.
A hidden gem in the midst of heavy traffic. Cafe del Centro, Historic Center area.


  1. Geez, after all that coffee, you probably didn't sleep for a week! Lol The coffee does look good n thick, which I think is good(It has been awhile). I used to hang out at place called Muddy Waters. Never tasted anything like until I went to Eastern Europe.

    She does have that wise actress look going on. There's a story there.

    Sprained-Ankle-(not so)Purple

  2. All of these pictures are so interesting and beautiful. You have quite the eye!

  3. OMG! I miss Mexico so much! I went to school in Guadalajara in 1993 and I was so happy there. Guanajuato is one of my favorite places in the world!

  4. I knew you'd have great coffee scenes from Mexico! The one with the "celebrity" lady is classic, makes me wonder what each woman is thinking.

  5. you in DF?? lady i envy you ^_)
    enjoy ! :)

  6. spiderLegGreen/ thanks! but I can even drink coffee at night and be fine :D sometimes even tea...

    dottie/ ♥thanks so much for your kind words

    Adrienne/ really! wow, so cool! sounds amazing. I have yet to visit the state of Guanajuato. Were you in SMAllende?

    Lynn/ How'd you know!? :D yes, isn't she intriguing? she also had flawless skin.

    bobbleBee/ ♥!! yes I visited last week, Im back in SF. It was great. xo

  7. Yu. I have a sudden urge for espresso and fideo.

  8. Just to visit for a short time, it was the more expensive city and the Scottish photographer i met and liked to listen to speaking was in Gaunajuato. It was a lovely place. I liked to hang out on the steps of the Téatro Juarez in Guanajuato. One night, there was a kid on a guitar trying to figure out the words to 'Horse With No Name' and I was helping him out with the lyrics and the harmonies when this German film crew came out of nowhere and started filming us for some documentary. A very fun time.

  9. Meli,

    I have a confession to make, which is sosooooo appropriate since you are in Mexico -

    I usually heap disrespect on photographers and photos, but you are truly an artist, and deserve to be noticed, to be FAMOUS. You are awesome. You could take a picture of a parking lot, and make it interesting.


  10. yuri/ oh fideo...

    adrienne/ I bet-that rocks♥!

    lavanna/ I'm quite flattered. Much appreciated are your very kind words & such nice compliments. Humbly, I thank you!


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