Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh paint

Between Guerrero and San Jose streets. I'm digging the square wheels. Some rad tricks waiting to happen.

Squareper bikes

Tandems only?

Juan way.


  1. Wow, surely that's not official? If it is, worst approximation of a bicycle ever! I'll cut it some slack if it's a DIY bike lane.

  2. That top one is for bikes with flat tires only. ;)

    Most bike lanes have a DIY feel to them. Who knows what they were thinking when the painted em.

  3. @Thom- the ones near my place are all bad (this is one of them). The closest ones all have the riders wearing straw rice paddy hats!

  4. Cool pictures. Looks all about chaotic. Hopefully your bike lanes will have a uniform design at the end of the day. But well, diversity makes it more interesting ;-).

  5. Thom/ I think the street was fresehly repaved. mmmmh right.

    SpiderLegGreen/ flats-lane!

    Adrienne Johnson/ that's because SFbike-lane logos either drink clover milk or sport a coleman rain hat, rumor has it...


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