Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend sightings

mellow dude.

I really like his scarf, but this guy was as fast as the wind that day.

trio and a michelin man jacket.

Cool shirt, Lower Haight.


  1. I like Michelin man. Puffed up! Better than wearing a helmet.

    I've seen some real cool bikes and bikers, lately. But I haven't been camera ready. :( Gotta think "What would Meli do?... Shoot, shoot, shoot!"

  2. ah thanks for the kind words! I'm flattered :)
    Taking pictures is some kind of huge happy therapy and mental exercise I've enjoyed doing daily.
    It has been very fun and I'm very glad you enjoy them!

  3. Hey, that's Christof, a messenger for Western! Haven't looked at your blog since last year. It is very entertaining! Keep up the good work.

  4. oh cool! he was sure super-fast!!
    Im glad you stopped by ;) thanx Ryan


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