Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday! Glass act.

These are all from the last few weeks or so. Waiting for a friend, after work or locking bikes Etc. Glass is my analog skill. All straight from the camera, no editing. Actually I don't edit any of the pictures for this blog, as I consider it purely for fun. Except for maybe a rare occasional crop. Anyways.
Go ride your bike & have a great weekend everybody. Enjoy!

wheeling and high-heeling. /Citizen Chain

realz. /Embarcadero center

The Warming Hut /Crissy Field

She's got bike legs /Hayes near Laguna

BRUJA!! /That's how the witches from the west roll...

_via RandomImage


  1. the last two are extraspecially great

  2. I like 4. You feet look so big. ;)

    Have fun cycling.

  3. Thought I'd share this...

    Pass this on to other fellow cyclists!

  4. Muy originales las fotos :-D

  5. somehow you never fail to impress me with all the lovely pics you took.. keep on posting melissa.. cheers from Malaysia :)

  6. genial! no me canso de mirar las fotos!

    Saludos. =)

  7. unique and so you !! Love these pics

  8. And, the photos are very fun to view! Thanks!

  9. LOVE the reflection shot... GREAT!!!
    ENJOY your day!

  10. placid casual/ haa yea!

    SpiderLegGreen/ I know right?? that's why you should never switch to coffee!

    tfh./ cool. thanks for the info

    joshYlola/ muchas gracias!

    riezal/ Always appreciate your nice comments :D go Malaysia!

    Francisca/ muy dulce de tu parte ♥gracias!

    RidingPretty/ you're a sweetheart. thanx

    Jeannie/ Im glad you enjoy them as much as I do sharing them ;D

    fifi flowers/ thanks so much fifi! same to you. Cheers!


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