Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marinated Saturday

Fog love.
This Saturday morning Marin was calling. Rode for about 40-50 miles. Got the Smurfette to stretch her legs out and it is indeed, riding as smooth as butter. I've had this bicycle for a number of years and never felt confident about being able to roll around Marin quite easily. My Frenchie would do it, but gotta show love to both bikes. It is a magnet for old-timers that enjoy geeking out to its components and steel frame shmcuk. Sunshine, fog, coffee, deer. All included.

April. /San Rafael

In front of me. /Larkspur

Behind me. /Larkspur

Lycra boy and tired happy tourists. /Fog: I've missed you


wat. up. /The End.


  1. Que excelente clime, andar en chica, andar en!

  2. What beautiful scenery. I love that floral top!

  3. Speaking of fog and Marin. Some years ago, I spent the night on a sail boat in Sausalito harbor. The next day, all day, there were these clouds(fog) on top of the hills over Sausalito. They kept rolling down the hill, but never made it to the bottom. A bright blue sky with clouds stuck in suspended animation. After awhile it gave me an ominous feeling, like a strange 70's horror flick. Perhaps it was some strange time loop that we had gotten stuck in. "Please come down the hill, so we can move on!"

  4. Beautiful scenery and great photos!

  5. you look so cute when you ride!

    thanks for the link! i am from orange county, i noticed all your links have hometowns!

  6. CyclingTeacherGuy/ ;D

    She Rides a Bike/ such great eye therapy! ♥thanks for stopping by

    SpiderLegGreen/ the fog and its mystique. thanks for sharing the story, sounds very cool - esp. when you are not sure where the fog goes next

    RatTrapPress/ Marin has such great landscapes from every angle. thanks so much!

    Diana/ ♥oh thank you!!
    OC, cool - I knew you were around the state somewhere ;D

  7. Refreshing pictures as always. Thanks for posting them.

  8. ZOMG! I love the top tree shot - welcome to my new iPhone wallpaper!

  9. Thank you Harry H :D

    Amandeep/ thanx so much!
    Bikes and the city 'deep's iphone edition -Sweeeet /xo

  10. leave it to meli to combine cycling shoes and hip clothes and do it so nicely. que cool meli... que cool :)

  11. ♥oh thanks!;)
    gotta show some dresses out there in lycra land you know -


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