Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pretty Polkster

I love meeting people on the bike lane. I was riding on Polk street to meet with the girls Friday night. Waiting on a red light, I happened to look back for a second and met this beautiful rider. Isn't she adorable?! and that basket is super cute.
We chatted for a few blocks when I finally decided to ask to take her picture.
I'm often very shy about this but always go with my impulsive well, why not?
A block later she said it was her turn, and she wanted to snap a picture of me! So I handed her my camera and here we are.

♥It was a pleasure to meet you!


  1. I am shy like that too - well done! I love her basket's got me thinking....hmmmmm.......

  2. Oh I love that! You are both adorable. :)

  3. The Polkster has a radiant smile. Great snapshot.

    The Melster is beautiful as usual and when the frenchie gets in the frame too, it's doubly good.

  4. Cute!

    I wonder if San Francisco has a problem with rust accumulation on bikes.

  5. heavens, what a lovely sight that must have been, both of you so nattily attired and pedaling down the street. too bad you didn't get someone to snap a pic of both of you. i'm glad you went with your impulses. i wish i could do so more often. -patrick

  6. You two are so lovely!! What a sight. :) I love meeting people in the bike lane.

  7. sigrid/ oh - is that a sewing machine I hear?!

    trisha/ oh thats very sweet thanks!!

    cyclingteacherGuy/ well, why not.
    It's my personal option to do so. and I personally praise anyone that decides to do as they please. Helmet or not, brakes or no brakes, wear heels or lycra or naked. As long as is riding bicycle is great in my books! don't you agree?

    Larry/ oh thanks for the kind words :)

    Bike by the Sea/ My bike has been in SF since the 70s and has little trace of rust but has mostly been stored indoors throughout the decades. I know some of my pals that ride and live near the ocean and the fog can be a rust monster creator. we get tons of fog. tons.

    patrick/ thank you!
    oh both?! haa, that hadn't even crossed my mind :P Luckily we didnt have much traffic around for some reason. polk is always so active & busy.

    Dottie/ yeah isn't that the best? thanks for the sweet comments

  8. True that Meli! I think that was the first photo I've seen you wearing a helmet. As a former road cyclist racer, I've known a few people who've died over the years, even with a helmet ride.
    Safety first and ride on!

  9. with such lovelies on bikes... all i can say is that i need to move to SF!!!


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