Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Afterparty fashionesque chill & fun.

- - 6/6 Bike To Work Day 2009 - -


Lovely cyclist women post-fashion show. thumbs up, indeed!

Some fixie video backnoise visual to entertain the masses...

Troublemakers in dresses in the house -I forgot what's going on here. Good times, that's what's up!

After a day of volunteer, bikes, work, bikes, volunteer Etc. the Rickshaw stop was the place to be. The SFBC presented its Bike Away from Work Party, and this year it included a fashion show that Dusty and Gwen organized. Nicely done!! I only took very few pics at the end. chilled, grabbed a drink and chatted with peeps. Good times.
To see some rocking pictures of the fashion-show, which was a fabulous first, check these sets:

Okay everybody. This concludes the series for the BTWD posts. By the way, this year's bike to work day- Bicycles outnumber (by the doubles) cars this Thursday on market street!!! Ride on San Francisco. We rock.
Again, it was lovely to meet so many of you. It has been a pleasure. xo/♥meligrosa


  1. The tandem necklace makes its debut!
    I love the dresses on both of you. The tulips are so perfect for riding a Dutch bike!

  2. ♥yes! it its official night out!
    &thanks Lynn


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