Sunday, May 3, 2009

Civic Center Sunday

First Five See Me Annual Event
The See Me Event is a free family event.
It is a way for families with young children all over San Francisco
to come together and enjoy a day of activities and performances.
This year's focus is on kids bridging community! [link]
- - - - - - -
Get on your misty rain ride on, and swing by to say hello. I'll be there from 11-3 with at the SFBC table.
If you don't already have a membership, get yours today! What better way to show your bike love. Don't miss your chance to get it at $25 (usually $35). It soooo pays itself with so many wonderful discounts around the city, including caffeinated ones. Yay!
Tell your friends and neighbors.
// xoxomeligrosa


  1. Sofia SjögrenMonday, May 04, 2009

    beloved Meligrosa!
    I'm a Swedish cycle-saved 18yr old chick from the north of Sweden. In June, I'm heading to Norway with my brother Magnus, to bike all the way through Sweden. A very funny and internet-geekisch friend of mine looked up interesting blogs and sites; which she later on referred to me. One of them was Bikes and The City. I've fallen in love, both with you and your amazing style and also with your 'Frenchie'. Where did you get it from?

    I'll check your blog to find out your answer.
    Feel the flow,

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sofia! That sounds like it will be a great trip, keep me posted on your adventures ;)
    If you didnt find the link at the side bar, here is more [info]


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