Saturday, May 9, 2009

Golden Wheeling

The Golden Wheel Awards took place this past Tuesday, May 5th. It was a very inspirational event in the beautiful War Memorial building. Amazing people and organizations the efforts for a sustainable and livable city forward.
Award recipients, volunteers, the staff behind our Sunday Strets program as well as the CEO from Trek were present for a fine event in our city. Cheers!
Here are some pictures I took before and after my catering shift, enjoy.

Arrival. Bike valet is just awesome. I never get tired of saying that.

City Hall view.

Dusty. El photographer.

Beautiful chandeliers in the green room.

This is Eileen. We were in the same volunteer team. We have a thing for colored tights, as you can see.
Isn't she-&-outfit gorgeous?!

The bicycle parking lot towards the end of the evening.

Bike Valet superstars. ♥It was great to meet you boys!!


  1. Love these photos--it looks so beautiful! (And I have those same blue tights) so of course I approve!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Looks like fun and love your outfit. I just volunteered for valet parking in the San Jose area Bike to Work after party... hopefully I will have as fun a time as it looks like you did. BTW... you didnt happen to go to high school in San Diego did look very familiar.

  3. Oh I guess I should have put my real name :P

  4. mary Jo/ oh excellent, ♥tight fanatics unite!!

    pepe-wardell/ wasnt me that nicknamed you & the twins pepe's? oh my. the interwebs. gotta check some sanjo bike events soon ;D
    you better stay in touch

  5. Nice, my orange bike has made it twice in your blog. Love the pics of the event.

  6. Hiiii, I found your blog via Love that you bike AND look good. You should post some more bike-friendly outfit pics. Please. :)

  7. wardellmcneal@yahoo.comTuesday, May 12, 2009

    It's damn near summer time... the events are going to be huge. I'd love it if you came down.

    My girlfriend also lives in the City so I'm up there all the time; pretty much everyweekend.


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