Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Bike to Work Day!

heels and hills
heels and hills in San Francisco. /♥xoxo


  1. those are fantastic heels too!

  2. happy bike to work day melissa.. im celebrating too in Malaysia.. to bad can't join the packs in SF.. have fun.. ride safely.. cheers from malaysia :)

  3. Every time I see a close-up picture of your bike, I'm amazed by how clean you keep it!

    (Then I remember that not everyone rides in Alaska's often-sloppy weather. But still ...)

  4. I have cited you (both pictured here and quoted on the Chronicle's website) to skeptical, heal-donning co-workers who insist that they cannot ride to work because of their heals. Thank you.

  5. Cute shoes, girlfriend. Cool to see you at the DFF party last night!

  6. Gosh, those shoes are gorgeous. I'm impressed how you can ride with heels. Very impressed!

  7. I do this too! You rock! Heels and bikes all day!

  8. thanks mama vee!

    riezal/ thanks! yes that would be so much fun, but Im sure you're having a great one in Malaysia :D

    Tim/ oh thank you!! we are rather spoiled in California, yes.

    walter/ thanks, that is very sweet of you. and you are very welcome ;)

    KT/ yes, nice seeing you two fly girl!

    Groover/ thanks darling! flirt weapons on the move -

    Mekuh/ rock on, oh yea baby!!


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