Sunday, May 31, 2009

Momentum in San Francisco

This past Thursday, momentum magazine threw a little party for us all bike lovers in the city in celebration of their San Francisco issue. It took place in a nice studio-art space on 7th st. Raffles, beer, bikes, bikers etc. I'm very happy I got to meet the super nice woman that is the editor here in SF! and more peeps that are also Bay Area staff. Cheers!

Beats and bikes.

Raffle time.

Glass zebra.

vip area


  1. your blog is fantastic. i re-posted one of your pictures of the party on our blog. if this is not OK, we can take it off. pls contact us at a couple of us were there, but didn't take any pictures. -stan

  2. man, if only i bike valet volunteered that day. kidding... ;)

  3. thanks stan. no prob at all :D &I always appreciate the heads up.

    dottie/ every mag should be about bicycles. haaa!!

    calitexican/ oh shush!!!


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