Sunday, May 17, 2009

San Francisco Sound Machines

Music on wheels. Sunday Streets. Pure fun. I love my city. Are these guys fabulous or what?!
Deep and his flashdances. Gary aka St.Frankenstein is the Piano Bike.

Double sound trouble.

Deep & Trikesaurus.

Pick a song, my dear.

Do re mi awesomeness.

Deep & moi.


  1. .ps

    Gary is infinitely cooler than me! He made that thing!

  2. Riding and playing a piano...and chewying gum. Wow!

  3. Piano bicycle - that's awesome! :) Very original

  4. amandeep/ arent we cute?! Gary will win my heart if he jams any beyonce songs... haaa JK -his ride is rad!!

    spiderleggreen/ yeah craazy!! these two got mad skilzz.

    Christa/ isn't?! so lucky to be able to see such amazing creations around in San Francisco!

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