Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tosca Cafe

Between the afternoon and the later evening, the temperature dropped significantly but, that's okay because we all had something in mind. Drinks. We ended the ride at the Tosca Cafe in North Beach and warmed up our bellies and throats with some wonderful beverages, plenty of mingling and some fashionable people having fun.

Wait, what do you mean there's no picnic??

Dial A for Anchor?

This beer is not Irish.

There were also prizes by our local bicycle apparel designer Sheila Moon, and it was nice that she also joined the ride :) I'm a fan! -The bright orange bolero jacket from the Marin post is by her-
Big props to Colin over at SF Tweed for organizing this second ride. Nicely done, sir!



  1. The beer may not be Irish, but it does not discriminate.

  2. I love the Tosca photos, especially that last one. The lasses are sweet and the lad is dashing!

  3. Adrienne/ Im very anchorized

    Riding pretty/ thanks shelly! aren't they great?! I loved all the outfits everywhere


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