Monday, May 18, 2009

Volunteering is sexy

- - 2/6 Bike To Work Day 2009 - -
Snapped some pictures in between my duties during this years BTWD. The beautiful force that volunteers their time and energy to help the SFBC pull together such successful events. Volunteers rock and I'm always very happy to part of it all with so many bicycle and community enthusiasts out there. ♥Ride on!!

Pretty in Pink.

Hola, Rachel :D

Coffee Star.

Bag time.

Lady Cute Boots steals the show.

Raffle tickets man.


  1. Ah -- this looks so fun! Maybe I really should volunteer next year. I work from home so I sort of think that BTWD doesn't apply to me, but I guess there's no reason I can't get up and dressed before noon 1 day out of the year :)

  2. Way to be out there Meli-g. We still support the Coalition, there isn't anything quite like it here. I wear my shirts religiously and am lovin' those t's! Must HAVE!!!!!

  3. LA girl! I am out of work. My work for BTWD was volunteering in the AM. My 4 y.o. son rode to the station with me. Get out there next year! It is good for the soul : )

  4. greenLAgirl/ Yes, any excuse to get dressed up!! (maybe catching some coffee eh?!) would love to see more pics of your cool pink bike! :D

    sigrid/ thanks! over the last number of years Ive met some of the most passionate people through various events. amazing work the coalition does and its volunteers is just an amazing energy. Everytime I see their map jersey at their office, I remembered you loved it!!

    Adrienne/ ditto! soul food for the bike belly


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