Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buy me some peanuts and biker jack.

ride. walk. muni. ride.
Bay Area series Oakland vs. San Francisco. Baseball and enjoying the gorgeous day. Riding there and leaving was the most fun. Some parts around king street and the embarcadero were partially closed to cars after the game, so people were able to roam around, walk, catch muni etc. I'm mostly at the Oakland Coliseum so do they do that for every Sunday sunny game?
I'm only in for the bike valet parking, daytime stadium stroll and beer. Til next time (or year) Pacbell.

DIY shirt is this is the way to go! :) 
I dunno the SF players but that young Lincecum pitched and he is cute. I was heartbroken when Zito left the A's. 

a fine afternoon in San Francisco.

I dont think I'd go to the SF ballpark if it wasn't for this royal treatment.
thanks SFBC! and its mighty volunteers/staff. and Marty & Company. Does Marty ever -not- park bikes?!!??

you never roam alone.

ride and chat.

Bay Area series. Good times. OKBAI.


  1. Really nice photos. Some of them could easily be in a fashion mag. Keep up the great work.

    Old Dude

  2. I dunno what the actual policy is, but it seems to me that they close down the section of King between 3rd and Townsend during weekend games, but not during weekday games.

    It was closed, anyway, the last time I rolled past on a Saturday ride. Kind of cool to have that mini "Sunday Streets" action going on...

  3. thanks for the nice comments Old Dude!

    chester/ yeah okay, thats what I thought, because i dont remember the weekday games ever being so traffic-lite. yeah, me too - loving this mini-SS! good times ;D

  4. That's funny. I was at the game too. Lincecum is my hero. We should hit a game sometime.


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