Saturday, June 13, 2009

California Girls.

This is and the ones below, are posts, sets and pictures with love, from the Golden State women and girls on wheels on a fabulous sunday streeets day in San Francisco. I hear that we women, are the 27% of the bicycle pie here in SF[via cyclelicious]. Well, my girl-power girls, let's get out there and increase those numbers, because after all, we rock. Find your inspiration, change your life, meet people, see your city in a different way and let's go ride! -and drink some coffee.
♥Love you all.
triple trouble
triple trouble.
heartbreaker. - we heart and we ride sf -

yo te quiero, mi corazon.

& más hearts. /that shirt is very nice, like van nuys.

hot rod rat rod ade.

hola. /me taken by Omar.


/// Women sunday streets series June 7th ///


  1. Hey, M. Did I read it right on your blog ("last bike shop visited") that you had some fender fixing done at Box Dog? They probably did this already, but using leather washers at the fender mounts helped my fender screws from coming loose. Okay, off to the headlands for a little ride now. Enjoy your weekend on wheels.


  2. Great pictures - you all look fabulous!! I wish I was in San Fran right now!

  3. Triple trouble.....Its like a tripple shot late.....deliciously composed and worthy of serious consideration

  4. Isn't there a song about California girls having the most fun?

    26%~ They do say that more women on bikes makes biking more socially acceptable.

  5. Thanks to your inspirational post of a couple of months ago about climbing Conselman on the Frenchie, I took a little roll around the Headlands yesterday:

    Thanks for the motivation!


  6. spiderleggreen- As long as we don't have to be socially acceptable! I refuse to be a "lady" : )

  7. Lee/ yes, the screw came out. Im not sure what happened but they fixed it and is fine, it's where I got the fenders and they heart the frenchie, so I stop by every so often ;D

    And wow, no, thank you!
    that is so awesome, Im flattered and so very happy about this! is it okay I post some of them?! great to hear this, did you fall in love with the views & the downhill payoff?! :D

    Dottie/ you are welcome to come visit us and ride, of course anytime. SF greets you!

    calitexican/ yes, dottie!!! ha haaa

    Phillip/ oh thanks! ♥mmmh coffee...

    spiderleggreen/ I think there is. I know we also know how to party, from diego to the bay.

  8. Hey Meli,
    You probably don't want to publish this comment, but the guys on BikeFo think that you're hot:

    You are, so that's no surprise.

    1. how do i see this almost 3 years later... &the thread still on.
      got a funny kick out of this!! thanks for sharing charlotte :)


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