Monday, June 15, 2009

Devin's view

I met Devin this past butter lap. He sent me some very cool shots. I fell in love with the colors in the sky. Anyhow - below are the pics he took, with a fancy little gadget called the iphone. It does some cool stitching thing with photos. ♥These are great thanks for sharing these D!

-click if you'd like to view larger-

start - ferry bldg.


ocean beach


  1. very cool! so many times I want to put some pics together. my solution. thnx!

  2. 'come on, really? iphone?
    now i HAVE to get one...
    stupid normal camera.
    awesome sunset shot though!

  3. spider/ yea! isnt kinda cool?!

    fifi/ yes I was very happy devin wanted to share them, so cool :D

    eric/ summer sunsets sans fog are pretty sweet

    libertyonbikes!/ oh I know rite? I dont have one but, really cant -i would drop it and totally smash it before I even leave the store...


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