Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fairfax Festival: Ride back home.

We didn't even get close to miss the last Larkspur ferry back, we way super missed it. So we rode all the way back. Totaling a round trip of about 44 miles. That is the most I have done on the frenchie, to date. We rode on the bike path that goes adjacent to the 101, I had never ridden south down that way. The sun was still up and the light was pretty nice on the rolling hills.

dusty owes me a cheezburger. /Larkspur

bikeway. next to the 101 freeway.

somewhere in Corte Madera.

rock on doodz. /mill valley
Finally we made it to the bridge. I also had never crossed the bridge on a bike back into the city after 7pm. This was another first. I was very glad to be around Dusty and JD. They are mellow chatty riders. By 9pm, we all started getting cranky. We had been out riding since 8am! We also had some food before climbing the huge headlands hump back. The night sky was just amazing, though. City lights, 3 of us biking back and it was a great ending to the saturday riding and festival adventures. ♥Ride on!

amazing night sky.

frenchie on the bridge. and the boys. //the end


  1. ♡♡♡ Sigh. Love The Bridge @ night.
    One hell of a ride meli-g!

  2. Glad you made it home safely! You are so fortunate to have such lovely places to ride to and through. So impressed with the bike infrastructure in your area.

  3. Great fun post. Rock on!

    Old Dude

  4. Beautifull pictures as always and great riding

  5. I have never ridden the 101 route. I bet it was loud!

  6. ♥thanks sig!!

    Peihaus/ hey thanks! yeah is not bad, cant complain ;D thanks for stopping by

    Old Dude/ ;D

    Phillip/ thanks so much phillip!! ride on

    adrienne/ not too bad for a sat. evening, just kinda weird riding rite next to the freeway.

  7. Did I mention that ferries are for suckers?


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