Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fairfax Festival: Riding from SF to Fairfax.

We met at 8am with the David Baker/SFBC organized ride. I dont think I knew what was going on until I got some coffee in my system. By 8:10am and the ride had left. Mmmh. We had plan B. I think plan B was plan A the whole time. Anyhow.
A great group. Steel frames, an xtracycle, carbon, aluminum, the frenchie, a fixie, just great. All age groups. We started snailing out from the ferry building towards the bridge. Met more peeps. Then over the bridge and met with more peeps til we reached Mill Valley. By far the most fun I've had in a group ride. Listening to music up camino del real was soothing and made those hills way easy. Adrienne had a little boombox with sound. Nice!
Here are some pictures of the ride (22 miles) and the Festival in Fairfax. Enjoy!

8.20am /the back of the bus.


cameron. my new favorite chat-&-ride buddy. we had the same pace.

martin and paul. / stephen and eric.

hey mizz deejay

heading towards Ross.

coffee brake. /san anselmo

I had a blast riding with all of you in the ride, really. Day in, night out. It was pretty bad ass. /xo♥meligrosa


  1. Oh, I'm jealous. Love the third shot from the top. Great angle.

  2. hey - did anyone publish a map of the route for this ride? unfortunately i wasn't able to make it but the photos and description make the ride sound amazing.

  3. thanks groover! he was my chatting partner for most of the ride, it was very pleasent ;D

    travelling terra/ not that I know, Im pretty sure you can look for the Marin maps, but the david baker link on the post links to his post. yeah it was pretty awesome! ♥hanks for stoppin by


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