Friday, June 5, 2009


Meet Gwen. She rocks. She can tell you all about her pink bike adventures in Marin wearing a dress. And nonetheless she is always looking super fly. Ride on, my pretty!

Yo Gwen!

These boots are made for riding.

Speaking of boots, Sunday Streets is THIS SUNDAY!!! in the Mission. Are you ladies sporting your cowgirl boots or what?! It is a boot sunday my darlings, and we are taking pictures. See you there. ♥ding-ding!!

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  1. Helloo Meligrosa!

    Could you please make a small addendum for this event going on at Berkeley Art Museum, also on Sunday, June 7th (11am - 3pm)? You are also very much invited to come out!!

    Localize! features free valet bike parking, courtesy of Centro Comunitario de Bicicletas (they also give bike repair classes in SPANISH), free freshly roasted coffee by Coffee Bike of Oakland, and vegan cookies!

    Here is a link to the wonderful event:


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