Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Austin

Amy's on SoCo.

The hump this Wednesday was slightly higher than usual. Today was inspired by a few things and peeps in the last week from Lone Star state. As far as Texas goes, I have only been to Austin and have nothing but super fun good times out there when I visited in 2006. Good coffee, cafes, live music everywhere, twang, longhorns, queso and huge glasses of iced tea because is so damn hot.
The bicycle community seemed pretty tight and it made a great impression on me. One of these days I'll be roaming longhorn territory on my bike heading to a coffee shop. Some days you just gotta think outside the state, and today Austin was my focal point. Here are some of the shots from my visit in 2006:

spider house.

mr. Tim Pipe & i.
photographer. dapper. nice. rides his bike all over Austin. I like him

Joe's. The guys there were so rad and uber nice. I hearts.
This little cool shop was recently featured in an Anthropologie mail catalog thing. que trendy...

Via the blogesphere and pictures, the global community comes together. I have met the following online peeps from Austin, as well as other cities in Texas, that make me wanna go back, visit, ride bikes etc.
One of the first readers of this blog Lavanna, bikes around Austin and paints beautiful paintings around town. Some of the coffee houses she paints at, I've had happily lounged at in the past. Very cool ;)

packed up to go painting by Lavanna

Austin on Two Wheels is a recent fave. I came thru it from a friend that now lives there. Rad stuff.

ATX Babes on Bikes. No more be said. Would love to join a ride soon

Flora and Fauna
originally uploaded by Jose Ole

MTBLaw Girl based out of Austin was one of the first Austin bike blogs I started reading almost a year ago. She is a nature lover and has the coolest posts about trails and farmer's markets around twon. Ride on!

by MTB law girl, label: food

My flickr friend dickdavid (and CYLRAB pool superstar) recently visited. I want Lance to know that I love bikes and I love coffee. Now hrie me as your coffee conoussieur, on wheels none the less... :D

Austin's Town Lake at Sunrise originally uploaded by dickdavid

And the calitexican. ♥!! That girl keeps teasing me with some good beats sauce. I have the feeling this second half of the year will be full my usual suspects (bikes, boys y coffee) and lots of música. wat up.

un peekneek of one originally uploaded by calitexican

Okay people. That's it for my longest humpday inspiration. It has been a long week, but this July 1st (half full or half empty?) marks the beginning of the 2nd half of this year. Wowza. What keeps you inspired on hump day. I obviously took a national trip here, but hey. xo/♥m
& keep Austin rad!!


  1. thanks so much for giving my HT a shout out from the yay! i can't wait to go back, but i also can't wait to see some tejanas rawk the bottom of the hill!?!?! what?! r-a-d. i wanna ask if they are from military drive. the san antone barrrr-EEE-oh is my 2nd hometown!

    welcome to the 2nd 1/2 of 2009! quiero mas música, música, música, like aterciopelados say. :) y bicis of course. heh.

  2. It sounds like its time for you to pack up and move to Austin. I'm sure the Austin folks would love to have you. I would move back there if I could. Lots of good memories.

  3. I'm glad I RSS your blog. This is a really great post!

    Another cool thing about Austin is the Austin Bike Zoo. We had the pleasure of witnessing their greatness during SXSW in March.

    Here are some pics:

  4. calitexican/ austin is awesometastic, I feel like a florecita rockera down there -now lets kick soon pues ♥!!

    rat trap press/ um yess. I have thought about it for a few years now... next thing you know Ill be out joining you and ur fam. for a ride out in ft.worth ;)

    dickdavid/ thanks!! that set is great, I like it tons ;)

    peter/ it was at night!! ;) and around 112°

    joshylola/ es linda eh!


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