Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Merry Meri

Meet Meri, she is one of my local flickr friends and I was very happy that she took a minute to introduce herself, and chat it up for a little bit. Check out her beautiful green bike - basket included, I also loved her necklace, and of course, she is a total sweetheart!
♥It was great meeting you Meri!!


Meri et Meli /taken by Omar

sunday streets mission july19


  1. Oh, delightful! I'm coming to the Bay Area this weekend, borrowing a bike, and will check out your hood. Any recommended rides?

  2. Tell Meri,
    Sweet Ride! Love seeing the old Raleighs being used.


  3. whatisaw/ if you have a bike, basically you can cover a piece of all the neighborhoods. email if u want. good coffee, and some good hills. enjoy the fog <3

    2whls3spds/ I know right!? I will, Im sure we'll go riding soon ;)


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