Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tunnel vision

Sometimes during a holiday weekend, even the most congested little tunnels around the city obtain a sense of tranquility that makes you wonder why can't it be like this every evening on you way home. I typically stay in as in most holidays because it is nice to have the city to yourself from time to time. Can't everybody just have Fridays off, all the time... sigh

stockton tunnel sunset


  1. meli-g...

    1. I love this shot! I too always stay in the city on big holiday's and just love the quite rides around town. Ah the tranquility...

    2. Glad you got to meet someone through your blog. Very cool! Mary Jo just linked me with about 6 new blogs, so thanks Mary Jo! I can't wait to hear all about Cavallo Point. My man took sailing lessons there before it became a big swanky resort. My how times have changed!

    3. The mural shots you have on your site are awesome! SF is home to so many beautiful and talented people.

    Happy rolling into year two!

  2. thanks so much sig and for continuing to enjoy my posts ;) it's really cool that you can relate to so many of them as you're a local and I know ur heart is out here. always a pleasure and much love 2u out to the midwest



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