Friday, July 17, 2009

The way which I adore you.

What better way to join the mid-week kick off to the SF-BFF than with bikes, and a show by the two fine twins and a wonderful madame, from blonde redhead. Typical summer night in the city, packed with fog, an unusual route, a new city explored for the hell of it on a bike route, caltrain, and one of the longest Wednesdays I've had this year so far. Good times.

the train that didn't stop

boys' club /have all these boys been sitting at cubicles all day?
because whats the point of riding like you wanna be first? or maybe they're speeding home for dinner?
I'm too slow to even give it a thought. so long -


rolling tunes. this guy was grooving

walk and pod and bike and train.

allow me to show you.

merch table /42

vip parking /SF's finest parking, the SFBC bike valet. awesome.

heading home /divis at nite.


  1. While I ride my bike to work in the morning I always chuckle at the weird "race" mentality of my fellow bicycle riders. Generally I cruise and end up catching up with them at some point by not even trying, still in cruise mode. Their furious style of pedaling always makes me chuckle. They should play my game: try not to break a sweat all the way to work

  2. Very well said ;) that is the point, effortless fun is always best, plus you can chat with a new buddy if they happen to go on your snail speed. right?! I like that.

  3. Love that shot with your bike and the train!



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