Monday, August 3, 2009

7 hells: Devin's set.

rock on

Devin took a number of nice iPhone photos, and the rest of his set lives in facebookland. Thanks so much for sending these in ;)

Divisadero & Broadway /Pac Heights

Our ride passes Masonic center on California st. and happy tourists riding the California st. streetcars.

Le snail comes up 21st street. /Noe valley


  1. Well done, super strong lady. I so love the last picture of you zig-zagging up that monster of a hill. Sh!t that's steep! Great determination!

  2. oh man, you going up those hills and in your regular clothes is fierce! I would have been an even slower snail :)

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  4. This wears me out just looking at it! Beautiful photos of the Hell Ride.

    Old Dude

  5. It always amazes me that people go up these hills as part of their regular commute! Insanity! And I live here!

  6. wow! I'm so impressed. And love that you did it in regular clothes. You rock, and I'd be way behind you. ( and yes to walking it up hill being sometimes more of a pain. I threw out my arm from pushing the sorte up a steep short hill once. Much better to keep going. although- my hills pale in comparison...

  7. um, meli you are bad ass for doing that ride, on frenchie. having done 7 hells on her, you can ride anything, you know.

  8. pretty photos. well done, especially the no lycra

  9. girl that hill is gnarley, but beatiful. looks like an awesome ride. :-)

  10. Groover/ oh I think you would enjoy such ride ;) &you'd probably zoomed rite up!

    San/ thx love!

    Old Dude/ ;) thanks for your always nice notes

    Ade/ srsly, sometimes I forget how about them. well not really but cant think about them too much, rite...

    MamaVee/ oh yea, I loved that all the guys were in their little cute fast clothes and jerseys. I dont mind lycra stuff at all, I just prefer skirts. thx for stopping by!

    Ramona/ gracias love! yeah that frenchie just doesnt stop ;) runs on espresso

    DaPa/ thx! I do have my road bike (smurfette) and clipless, just dont feel confident at all un/clipping halfway up these monster ones. skirts and lycra are friends

    noe valley *buzz*/ oh tell me about it, zigzaging via 22nd up 24th and castro never sounded better... thanks for visiting ♥

  11. Omg. So many hills! You are my hero.



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