Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bike the bixis

park in a basket
A week ago on Sunday, I met up with my peeps for a let's-meet-up & see-what-we-come-up-with ride. On this mellow afternoon, I got the chance to ride one of the bixi bikes, doing a showcase area at Golden Gate park. More info about this project can be read at: sf streetsblog and sfgate.com

Bixi Bike Share Demo at GG Park by velobry
SFstreetblogger Brian took this picture above, Ade and I (and Manish)
In my opinion, the bikes ride well. They would be okay on flatter streets around the city. I can see them go from 1 market street to the inner sunset with no problem at all. (If my Frenchie can make it without changing gears, I think these bikes could make it too).
Anytime you put bikes, limited motorized vehicle access and trees altogether, it is a set-up for fun.
I met this very nice gentlemen, JP and we were both checking out the bixi bikes. One thing is for sure, the more access to bikes, weather is your own ride, a bicycle share program, a friend's bike – it gives you the control to get to places at your own pace, when you want to and meet some new pals along the way.

mr. JP
Or meet with your pals there and then wander off and rediscover your city with your own pedal-powered freedom machine :)

park couple


  1. Appears to have been a wonderful day. That bixi bike looks pretty cool. Was it very heavy?

  2. I moved to the city a few months ago, from Berkeley, and it's been a lot of fun figuring out how to get around town on a singlespeed...there's no better way to really get to know a city than getting around on two wheels.

  3. Great pictures and bikes you have here on this blog. :)

  4. dominic/ I dont remember it being really heavy at all, not sure what its weight is (?) but it rode pretty smoothly

    Chester/ oh very cool! im sure you'll be a pro at the bike routes in no time

    India/ thanks so much for you lovely note &for stopping by ;)

  5. Hi Bikes and the city, May I thank you and hope you don't mind I've used a few of your marvelous photos to talk about Bixis and the possibility those great bikes might come to Melbourne.

    It's only a possibility because, if you have a look at my blog, you'll see there's a stumbling block, our compulsory helmet laws

    It's all in my film ,Bike Share and Helmets don't Mix? on my blog, the whole rather scary situation. Or should I say, depressing?



    Mike Rubbo


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