Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bike groove to Stern Grove

Last Sunday was a great day for bikes, Stern Grove Festival and my peeps. This year is the festival's 72nd season & it is a super nice spot to get together with your friends, listen to music and enjoy the sun (or fog). This is the first time in years that it has actually been sunny. I try to attend at least once per season and this year I was excited that Totó La Momposina was performing. She and her band are from Colombia. There were many fans with Colombian flags, ttraditional customes and a number of beautiful hats around. Good times.

20th ave & almost there. here we go

Colombia is in the house.


bike parking love

ade, the mixte aka agent 107 & james

the hills just never stop
After sun, dancing, eating, and enjoying a joyful afternoon, it became pretty hard to me to climb hills. I have no problem with walking some if them so I walked up (not the ones above) because I just felt pretty tired. Sometimes these SF hills just seem longer & steeper some days, you know?

PM panda. tightless for once.
♥'Til next season Stern Grove :)

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