Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A blink from the weekend.

BO /as in biked oakland... ;)

Drank lots of coffee and stopped to smell the flowers /Sightglass coffee on 7th
new haircut

and got a haircut /I miss my long ponytail. But I like it!! more pics soon /xo♥m


  1. I wanna see your new haircut. Thinking of having one myself this week.

  2. Yo 'rain boots'....must have been stormin' in the city!

    Ciclo, ciclo, ciclo

  3. I have a feeling I'll miss your ponytail too, though I've never seen. Your bike among the flowers... sigh

  4. you have tooooo much fun. how did you get to Oakland on your bike?
    as much as i like your beautiful color fodos, i think some would be neeto in black n white. maybe i will ride into you on the street an make some for myself:) -best

  5. maybe you don't believe me, but your bike outshines that wall. :)

    BTW~ last night, I saw one of those Travel Channel gourmet's who was in the bay area. He checked out a taco truck in Oakland. Made me hungry. I think I'll have hit Paneda tonight, for some soft tacos.

  6. Great picture of Frenchie! I'll be on the lookout for your haircut :)

  7. your bike looks great in that pic!

  8. Excited for the new do! I'm getting mine chopped on Thurs!

  9. The bike is looking pretty as ever - can't wait to see your new 'do!


  10. I pulled out my boots on Sunday, too. Summer is done : (

  11. groover/ oh thatd be great! new ;dos stir up all kinds of energy around ;)

    cyclingteacherguy/ Iknow rite! thunderstorms in september... errrrh!?

    DaPa/ ou!! well, hair grows back, so do plants. oh I love flowers (frenchie does too!) <3

    ....the pasture/ hey thanks for the advice!! you know I will switch the setting often (I dont edit the pics at all) so I'll take your advice! B+W here we come!
    and yes, took BART. Oakland post(s) coming soon!

    spiderleggreen/ THX! &gotta say, cant complain much about food-we're pretty spoiled over here! whenever you visit let's eat (ok and drink tea...?)

    Q/ Dottie/ miss sarah
    ***thanks luvz!!

    KT/ super! def. a haircut month!!

    Ade/ Im still waiting for it.
    Maybe October will be oddly warm... I love rain tho. I want more!!


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