Thursday, September 17, 2009

This was ladies nite!

ladies only intersection
These photos are from the Pushbike ride 2 weeks ago. I'm really into the fact that the route is totally different every time. The ride itself is pretty easy and the group is all nonchalant. I've enjoyed it plenty the last couple of times I've gone.
This last time, we started as usual on Treat st./24th and we headed south. Lynne had a computer-trace cool gadget that kept track of the distance, and half way there we had gone about 12mi. Super!! & not bad for a Thursday night. We eventually made it out to Burlingame's marina. Nice. Pretty boats out there and not a soul, except for a nice old man walking his dog and a group of ladies on bikes :D
Get out and ride, explore the limits of your city, chat it up and have fun.

happy bike feet

25th and florida

behind me /on cesar chavez.

Allowed use of full lane left turns

Moonage daydream.

Chillin by the Burlingame's marina.


do you see them?
Looking for the rest of the ladies behind a blinding high-beam truck behind us. 3rd at Cesar Chavez

frenchie and friends at bender's.
-The end-

'til next time PUSHBIKETTES!


  1. Hello Meli,
    I love your blog and your photos..they are beautiful.
    I am reaching out to you because I work for a women's specific clothing line and I would like to talk to you about applying for an ambassador supply us with one posting a month, some photos, and you get a reasonable clothing allowance for each me to find out more, this is totally might like our is: live out loud every day...get back at me if you are interested.

  2. um. ok ur user name doesnt link to anything, so hope ur not a robot ;)
    my email is on my profile /cheers

  3. beautiful pictures! i love the concept of a ladies' ride, i want to find something like this in DC.

  4. thanks Iris, you know it only takes one - and youve got the interbwez.
    go go go!!! <3


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