Monday, October 19, 2009

ARTcrank San Francisco, this Saturday Oct. 24th

for artcrank
Posters are here. Velcro, the previous-life-dressed-in-black-architect, approves.

See you there! Valet Bicycle Parking provided by the mighty SFBC.


  1. Oh, the kitty wants to go too!
    I'd like to see a bike with a tandem-like cat attachment in the back, complete with little handlebars and pedals. Am I alone in this?.. I have seen cats ride little bicycles in the circus when I was a kid, I know they can do it!

  2. happy belated birthday! you have the same day as mi madre.

    i found your blog by googling "meli" and "bikes," hah.

    i want to buy one of yr prints, its beautiful in the photo.


  3. Great poster! Is it screen printed? Are you selling them?

  4. Filigree/ Oh my cat would love that. That is a great idea, maybe you can cover it with catnip to make them feel at home ;D oh-wait that will make them terribly crazy!!

    GAAAAABY? oh so great to hear from you. & tell your mami happyBDAY!! ok-will email you soon - I wanna go see ur events too LUV/xo.m

    RatTrap/ Can I say that I was actually bummed out when I read you got rid of your kits... Maybe I thought it and never commented.
    &Yes a 6-color print by pedal press in buffalo NY. They are awesome ;)

    ♥Will have more poster-sale info for my peeps outside SF after this weekend.

  5. ditto on buying a print.

    nice to see frenchie on a poster :)

  6. Cute cat, pretty poster!

    Photos of cycling with cats and dogs:

    Cykla med sällskap

    PS Meligrosa, thanks for commenting on my blog. You really pick up new languages quickly!! ;)

  7. c_c/ will keep you posted

    Erik/ oh yea no prob! thanks
    But, i owe that one to google translate!! he heee :D


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