Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Humpday inspiration: We are all just big kids on bicycles.

That great feeling of happiness and joy is universal.
Local pioneer and bicycle ambassador, California's finest Gary Fisher and global bicycle visiting advocate of the slow&chic shabang, Mikael Colville from Copenhagen - Show you how. All you need is a bike!
Bike pretzel.
Bike pretzel.
Pumanized and gliding.
Pumanized and gliding.
Duck and Dutch.
Duck and Dutch.

And my bikey girlfriends and I. Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, yea we are festive like that, even a messenger said so.
La pirata y la de cabellera verde.
L/ (*taken by Luise Marie.) Calitexican, Adrienne and yours truly
R/KT and
Luise Marie, I took this on Valencia near 19th.

Gary and a group of fly peeps, joined the UniteBike ride (more to come).
Mikael visited the city on Friday-Saturday (also more to come). A series we are starting here: CYLRAB
The girls - I love riding with you all. Besos!!!
♥ All shots taken in San Francisco, duh!! ♥


  1. Gary looks so snappy! And I love your Halloween costume :)

  2. Chowder heads. The whole lot of us: )

  3. Are you the one in yellow???? looovely! All of your costumes really ;) L x

  4. Whoa... is that the guy from Copenhagenize. CPH... best biking city, so innovative.

  5. day of the dead sounds so sexy in spanish..

  6. great day of the dead! love it!
    unfortunately nov. 2 just passes with nothing here,
    and only two authentic mexican eateries.....
    I live inthe land of beer,
    pizza, and hot dogs.
    maybe there needs to be a ride next year? hmmmmmmmmmmm...

  7. gracias San!

    Adrienne/ we should just troll around like this, any given day ;) & you know we would - OH HAI

    lorenza/ sono io, yes ;)

    pepe/ that is him, yes

    xander n'dante/ si, gracias <3

    liberty on bikes/ we got some pictures, will post soon -
    oh & do I sense a new ride next year organize by you?! all you need is a bike and face paint! It's so happening


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