Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is for Feeling Fortunate for Fabulous Friends

Is it the end of the year near? we wrapping up another decade, - 2009 really?! beat it.
Thanks for being you, for reading and for coming across my path on the bicycle lane or the coffee shop everybody. Much love.

by the sfbc
Blogging, Bikey Babes
Blogging, Bikey Babes by busbozo
by ktieche | KT!! ade, mikael
Happy At The Halfway
Happy At The Halfway by busbozo
Who said parking in SF is hard?

&Here is a little video from a far-away friend, that came to visit our city and fell in love with SF. Hola Mikael
Badassé!! | CC friends in SF »

Good times. ♥TGIF


  1. I miss living two blocks from Mojo! Thanks for posting the link to that beautiful video. Makes me want to get out and ride right now. Your blog is such a wonderful inspiration and fun read. Thanks!

  2. Yay for end-of-year warm-'n-fuzzies! Bike + good friends = total win every time. Happy riding in the new year!

  3. thanks so much Willow <3 your super nice comments are much appreciated -hugs-

    Tamagosan/ yes!! cheers to that :D

  4. it's been an amazing year, and i predict a super-awesome-amazing year for 2010. so glad we're friends! ♥

  5. i love this post. :) the bottom picture gives me the warm fuzzies. and all the rest do too. :)

  6. These are great, happy, smiley pics! Great to celebrate over drinks last night with you

  7. lisamarie-calitexi-KT/ :D wheeeeee ♥!!!


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