Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mixteing it up.

Chain mixte party.
Chain mixte party.
On Sunday, my girl la Calitexican-counter-to-caffeine tea drinker partner in crime, and I went on a mini stroll. Mojo's, Divisadero st. Page, Green bike traffic box, Western Addition, then down to Hayes Valley. Coffee, bikes and a little window shopping.
The city feels a bit more animated this year than last. I have seen more trees decorating houses, more lights. More silly holiday decorations that make me smile. I admit it, I quite enjoy all the residential area decorations. We even spotted a black cat on a window from the bike lane. Love.
Sunday was the first dry sunny-ish day in a few days. Not bad, it almost felt muggy.
Pretty cloudy Sunday, with mood swings of sun, mist, dark and beautiful cotton shaped giant clouds – we welcome you anytime.
2 independent bicis.
2 bicis. 2 mixtes. 2ble americano. 2ble tea. /MoJos cafe on Divis.
Fabricated tree.
Fabricated tree. Timbuk2 Store.


  1. coffee and tea are NOT comparable!! the mixtes help smooth it over. phew.

  2. retail women and us - SO NOT comparable. glad we got outta there before we pull a heathers...

  3. lovely pictures, i really like the color mix ;)

  4. I want to hear more about the near-Heathers incident ;)

  5. How pretty! I think bicycle components make great holiday decorations, especially antique components.

  6. thanks txell!

    dottie/ we'll save those when you come visit us ;-)

    filigree/ they do!! +thanks for the antique link :D


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