Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scenes from the backstage of the bikestage.

Momentum Magazine and Gwendolyn Lee productions presented the:
Bike Fashion Show | Bike Expo, Cow Palace Saturday Nov 21st, 2009.
"OK make sure you don't fall when you go on the ramp over there"
My girl Gwen is Gwentastic!. She rocked an awesome show along with Momentum magazine and many, many awesome designer and bike apparel/accessories/bikes and all fun bikey things.

Thought I'd share some pics from behind the scenes - so here we go.
Gwen and co. before it got busy :)
Gwen and one of her wonderful helpers.
I was pretty stoked to be part of the show, it was good fun hanging out with peeps and fellow participants that you see around SF bike lanes and events everywhere. Because really, if you live in SF and ride a bike, you will eventually meet. That said. It was a blast.
We had some pretty rad hairdressers that made our hair smell like yummy stuff from the bumble and bumble product line. There was also a makeup crew and it was pretty fun to see everyone getting dolled up.
Grace getting her hair done
The girls getting their hair done
Responsible for my super hair :)
Here's my hairdresser lady. Is she adorable or what?!!
Most people wore 2 outfits and most of us had never participated in such thing. I think the most challenging part was to ride the bike down this wooden ramp and try not to trip but fortunately, nothing like that happened. I suppose that the bike in this case, was the equivalent to a pair of 4-inch high heels on a catwalk. Practice makes perfect... right.
Hello, yes, with my agent please.
Mr. Photogenic :)

uuuh exciting.
oh heyyyy
oh heyyyy. She did a great job orchestrating many of the littlest details.
The bike assigned to me was by local bike brand SyCip, which I was pretty excited about. Would like to check this bike out in street environment. It was equipped with an ortlieb pannier and an ├╝ber cute handlebar bag/purse by pocampo for one of the outfit sets, I'm a huge fan.
Sycip & pocampo
I wore pants. Yes, and it was plenty fun. They were by Sheila moon, here is the evidence:

Gwen's Fashion Show by dustinj

Everyone rocked some great clothes. A main factor was that all the clothes were so comfortable, and fun to wear. I can't recall all of the brands that were represented, but if you are into reading about and/or checking out many indie bike brands and many local ones, you may have heard of them.

Watching the trackstands
Watching the trackstands -go go go!!!
Patricia y Grace
Patricia y Grace, ♥Fierce!!
Off to the races.

♥It was a great event, and I was so happy that many of my peeps made it. Thanks Momentum, Gwen and everybody that made this event happen!!
View full sets of the show in action via my photographastique peeps: richard's
, dustin's & Ade's ;-)


  1. wow! Go Meli :D brilliant event and you looked fab as always ;) love the trousers!! L x

  2. That is so cool! You should have tried to sneak off with the Sycip. I love their bikes.

  3. You rock the girl pants quite nicely. Every time I read your blog, I find myself wishing I lived in S.F. It always looks like so much fun!

  4. How fun! You look tres chic btw, as always! Looks like you had a great weekend!


  5. Good times, Meli! You looked MARVELOUS.

  6. You look smashing in your outfit.. I would love to see someone rock a panda in a cycle show!

  7. thanks SOOO much everybody!! **hugs**


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