Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tonight Thursday.

Tonight, I'll be checking Julie & Company of local photographers at a group show. I really love the connection around the city between photography, city love and the passion for sharing things you enjoy doing. See ya there.

Speaking of Julie, if you don't already know her site I Live Here SF, check it out, it's a fave of mine. Below is the newspaper copy I got when she recently was featured in the Chronicle. Super nice article. read it from sfgate: here

tangobaby +coffee
tangobaby +coffee
tangobaby =)

And above, she is working her splendid lens, she's got a great eye for things and I hope you enjoy her site and various projects as much as I do. Last month we got together for some photo times around the Presidio/Marina area and it was tremendous time. We had some coffee and she had chai at the Chestnut bakery. The story I wrote and the pictures she took, can be found at the link below. ♥Much LUV Julie!!
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  1. Thanks so much, Meli. It was a huge delight to meet you and photograph you. Your energy for life is truly inspiring.

    See you tonight! ;-)

  2. Meli,

    Looking lovely, as always.

    It seems that every time I see a close-up picture of the Frenchie, I pick out a new cool little detail. Today, it is the "M" cut out of the gusset between the top tubes and down tube.

    How about some good, detailed close-ups of Frenchie, for us gearheads?

    Exes and ohs,


  3. positive response and positive press can fuel the machine

  4. Great post and great picture of you, Meli! So colourful! Just like I imagine you! :-)

  5. What a great discovery Meli, thanks for sharing Julie with us. I love, love her photo of you!

  6. julie/ hearts!

    Jon/ thanks so much for ur sweet comments ;) and I did, of course - about a year ago: [link]

    gwadzilla/ yuknow it - thanks for stopping by

    Groover/ thanks I hope we meet someday too!!

    RidingPretty/ Thanks Shelly :D

    c_c_rider/ mil gracias cariƱo

  7. D'oh! How did I miss that? Thanks!

  8. dottie/ ♥thx

    jon/ ;-) maybe ill do a round 2 soon. I still havent put any details of my road bike, the smurfette - maybe a sign to take it out more... ok 2010 resolution... maybe.


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