Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Butterlap tonite.

The first butterlap of the decade. That sounds intensly cool. I will be there if I can get outta work on time.
I finishez di coffee, I joinez the ridez
I finishez di coffee, I joinez the ridez
Last year, we had a great amount of new cool cats throughout the whole year; above is Michael, (and Sasha, Jim y Spencer) -he had just moved to San Francisco from Austin, met one of the ladies of butter on BART, and joined us for the midweek night ride. He is now a regular. Sweetness.
& if you haven't been yet, hope you make it out sometime this year -cheers!

♥Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map post here»


  1. Meli, I feel so special!! You're the best. This photo is a little sentimental for me as well because the bike I'm on was stolen last week right in front of my apt. what a shame :(

  2. you are a sweethear thx for the note Michael –and that sucks it got stolen (!!!!)

    ok well now we will remember it forever thru a little picture and an awesome first butterlap eh?!

    see ya around ;) meli


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