Saturday, January 30, 2010


floor to heaven
Intelligentsia in silverlake.
Here in the Bay Area, I can walk into many of my fave coffee spots and stare at their process all day. One of my favorite moments last time I visited the Southern end of our state was when Los Angeles welcomed me with open, caffeinated arms.
Came across this video and couldn't help to share. Enjoy!

Espresso, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo.


  1. Cool place! Love the tile too.

    When I first met Cosmo (LA Cycle Chic), we had coffee at Intelligentsia.

    Cali + Coffee love.

  2. Some say the only coffee worth drinking is that which has been roasted immediately before brewing. Fortunately, I'm not so picky that coffee becomes like the Intelligentsia espresso. Did THEY roast that coffee right before brewing or did they let it get stale?

  3. I ran out of coffee yesterday morning and just had a latte in the afternoon. I'm still recovering :) although fully caffeinated now...hope we will have coffee together again soon!!

  4. aw, intelligetnsia - love! i'd recognize that pretty tile anywhere...

  5. beautiful! Back home is like that, but it's so ingrained in our being that we don't take enough notice or celebrate such passion out loud... although you can probably spot our passion by how many espresso we have in one day. A good espresso to start the day lifts you spirit no end and brings a smile to your face...

    L x

  6. Christa/ oh that is awesome! coffee, the pretty ladies and LA - swoon :D

    Steve A/ now you;re talking ;-)

    Mary Jo/ I think i freak out more about running out of coffee than an earthquake... ok i take that back, but yeah...

    genevieve/ oh isnt it amazing!? that tile reminds me of the rad LA weather, i think when iwas there, the heatwave was just at its splendid peak...

    Lorenza/ yes, i think when I lived in Italy for a few months I became quick friends with the old man that had the espresso (tinnyyyyyy) joint at the corner. He was just like oh, hi. estrange thata american girl likey di espresso
    :D good times


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