Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day!

Foxy ride.
Foxy ride /on Market st.

Are you off work/school? What will you do today to celebrate your dreams, our history? Martin Luther King is a Day of Service here in the states. I found the website for the bay Area, though no bike-related volunteer events are listed, thought I'd share anyways: All for good»

And because my service today will be called work, this is for those of us at work today:
This cracked me up.
We've got bikes to ride afterwards. yeah.


  1. coffee and your thoughts for the day, a perfect way to start, THANKS

  2. Oooo, love the first photo! So cool with the fox. :)

  3. many thanks michael. ur a sweetheart!

    christa /thx luv! :D


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