Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Brenda and her Beautiful Black Bike & Basket.

I met Brenda flying down the panhandle. By flying, I mean gracefully going fast thru the park. I thought hey what a cool lady on such a smooth bike. If you have ridden alongside with me I'm a very slow rider, and I easily notice things as such. How can you not notice the rad basket, right?!
Anyways, it was great running into you and we'll see each other often around the city. I am excited to hear that there are many of us out there that exist and don't want to dress to beat a personal time, distance or have the latest gadgets (ok, are high heels the equivalent of gadgets? ;)
–As she would 'sartorial'. And not that there is anything wrong with that, but hey we all want to be normal people on bicycles to get around the city. Cheers!
Hi Brenda!
Hi Brenda
January evening, Golden Gate Park

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  1. brenda, I always love your outfits. Come by again we need to fix your mudflap.


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