Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sew fit.

Before the holidaze, B.Spoke Tailor had a holiday party and custom clothing sale at Mojo's bicycle cafe. Always nice to check out what my local crafty peeps are up to, this was pretty much a showcase of their hot-off-the sewing machine pieces such as cashmere arm warmers, vests and some super cute stuff these ladies got going on, making fashionable clothing for on and off the bike.
"The best in modern riding apparel. For the bike. You can ride a horse in our clothing if you are lucky enough to have one. Or hike, or play..."
I hope that they have ongoing trunkshow-like events like these. I enjoy them plenty and it's good energy for both customers and the seller. It is also quite pleasant to be able to chat with the person that has made, or is about to make whatever piece it is that you are interested in, share ideas or exchange information.
You can find B.Spoke Tailor goodies around the Bay Area in bike shops as well as independent shows/events, as well as the Temescal farmer's market, on the facebookz»

Anyways, good stuff. In the meantime here are some snaps from the event:
Gwen, Nan y KT
Bonitas señoritas: ‹L-R› Gwen y Nan from B.Spoke with KT from VeloVogue

These are hand warmers. Oh so freaking cute. Here is Kristen's hand
Hand goodies.
Hand goodies.
Hang in there
Hang in there.

So of course we had to do some testing of our own, and tried a few pieces. Fun.
Vest is best
Vest is best
Vest cheers anyone?!
The night at Mojo's was nice and the timing worked out perfectly for happy hour.
At mojos
Mojo's at night.
good times
good times
- - -
♥ til next time!


  1. You gonna tell us more details about those hand warmers?

  2. Aw! I will ask Gwen next time I see her :D
    they are made by b.spoke tailor
    ill post more info when I find out
    cheers! xo.meli

  3. vest is best...too beautiful for words...Rich

  4. Where that owl ring is from? love it!


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