Monday, January 18, 2010

Stolen bike.

Jeremy sent me an email for his bike which was stolen last week from Valencia 16th/17th. Please feel free to comment if any info.


  1. Wacky, check out what I *just* saw on Craigslist:

    Here's a screenshot just in case the ad goes down:

    Might not be the same bike, but it's not like the world is full of blue Treks.

  2. thx for the heads up timoni :D

  3. Two (2) thoughts on this issue.

    1_Assuming the 1st CL bike for sale listing is not bike of interest. Go ahead and use a free service like to establish a automatic search of CL using some pertinent keywords. (it will notify you via text or email ASAP when a posting goes up).
    2_Use a free BikeRegistry service off the net to register and TAG your next bike in advance of it going MIA.


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