Sunday, January 17, 2010

The ∏ value.

San Francisco is bubbly laboratory of popping pizza joints. In the last few years the sensation and following of pizza –of all styles– has emerged and whatever pies you are into, you can find. The latest place that I've gotten to check out is the Mission's newest pizza joint "pi" as in ∏. They are even open at 3:14, they claim ;-)
Circle of openings.
Circle of openings.

If I will let first impressions impress me, then we start with bike parking racks. It influences me as a consumer and city dweller, weather or not my decision to visit a place allows my bicycle to be in the vicinity, and if it's visible, it is extra good points.
That said. We rolled up and they were already a few bikes (including an xtracycle) parked outside, which typically means -look for another rack- right? so I suppose the 3.14+ formula was implemented because an extended bike rack welcomed our bikes to kick it with the other bikes, and as a plus, is right in front of their huge up front window. Perfect.
pie parking
pie parking

The pizza for the night was some kind of multiple cheeses with pesto. The beer selection is good, and yeah, I'm gonna make this post all about the bike parking experience. The staff was super chill and friendly, which is always a plus. I had a draught porter beer and their local beer selections is pretty good. A dark beer was a cheerful option to prepare for the soaking wet ride home.
I see beer in your future
I see beer in your future
eel river porter
eel river porter, organic and all - wooooo fancy :D

Pi bar on Valencia gets a my bike-parking friendly seal of approval. Cheers!

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  1. Ohhh, looks awesome.
    I always have a little something for places named after Pi. Like here, in Montréal, we have a Pi café where I heard they hold chess games. I still have to check it out though.


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