Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend beats.

A pretty mellow weekend. It must have been inthe high 30°s at some point. Damp and overcast but a good weekend to catch up, relax and then troll around the city for coffee.

♥ Friday night.
Heading to the Homestead birthday party that wasn't there.
14th and harrison
14th and harrison.

♥ Saturday night. We roamed around north beach. Indian food, Arrogant Bastards (umm the beer..), beanies, brick walls, the transamerica building in all its glory.
3 basketes, 3 mixtes and a fixie (James).
to heel or not to hill
to heel or not to hill
a mixte and a fixie
a mixte and a fixie
hey gurllllllll
calitexican in the house
♥ Sundays are for lazyness. Ok uphill lazy kicks in as well. I have no problem taking the bus uphill for the next few weeks still. Especially through twin peaks, noe valley, pac heights and the presidio-lands, shown below:
hai scuba steves.
hai scuba steves. I'll be joining you again in about a month,
then you will stare at my basket and wonder how that blue mixte can make it up that hill
without a heart rate gps gizmo, a fancy carbon fork and a matching lycra set ;-)
rosey basket
rosey basket thru the panhandle

omar roll
omar roll. outside 4barrel
americano girl
americano girl. 4barrel.
new bike rack
new bike racks everywhere (!!!!) this was at haight and scott.
this is all kinds of awesome :-)


  1. ooooo...lycra and a basket all in one shot! I love it!
    Happy New Year Meli-g.


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