Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue pedal petals.

Here is the dress I wore last week. Wearing skirts and dresses isn't really difficult when on the bicycle, unless of course you are already uncomfortable wearing them off your bike, right.

Wear what you want. If you are comfortable wearing any of your clothing or shoes walking, you'd be comfortable on your bicycle. That is my theory :D
I received an email the other day about skirt guards and I have not really thought about them because I don't think that the length of any of my dresses or skirts I wear, gets in the way or near the rear wheel – however, something I would highly consider before a skirt guard would be a chain guard. I think my tights would appreciate not having greasy-cool bike ring marks, though I think I'm pretty good about staying stain free. Coffee stains, now that is just another story.
Blue pedal petals
blue bootie


  1. love your style... love love love. it's so unique and fun, just like life should be :) I like wearing dresses and skirts when I cycle... I am always a tad worried about flashing people if I catch a gust of wind though lol! do you ever have that problem? L x

  2. ♥grazie mile cara
    & yes silly that wind gets, dont let it stop ya!! :D

  3. I wore a skirt just yesterday. I love it.

    You can get both chain guards and chain gliders at As far as I know they are the only US distributor of Herbie products.

  4. lorenza,

    here's a tip for riding bikes in skirts

  5. Yeah, I don't think my skirt guard has helped with actual skirts. I like it because I can pile all sorts of junk on my back rack without worrying about it getting caught in the rear wheel. Cute skirt!

  6. hey kendra/ oh thanks for the links ;-)

    thx anon. that is always a good ref. +must article!

    I guess Id be really a clumpsy mess with a rack, iknow a basket is enough for me otherwise ill wanna pack an espresso machine - ya know?!
    +thx luv, i love its circular shape!


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