Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunar weekend.

This city is my romance. A daily romance
This city is my romance, my daily romance.
The Frenchie and I, late nite roaming by the Language of Birds.

This weekend was pretty fun. So was the whole last week.
Mavericks mega-wave surfing awesomeness (yes it involved bikes), Chinese New Year, Dinner with friends, beers, coffee, bikes, coffee bikes. Oh rite and errr-Valentine's. Or lack thereof
Good times. Many more posts to come, as always – much love //xo.♥m

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Stockton at Broadway
Passing by Yuet Lee's. (I think that is my oh-there-goes-another-drunk-guy-running-after-a-cab look...)

puppy love.
There is puppy love...
chestnut bakery
Then there is true love. The Frenchie and my coffee, at Chestnut Bakery.
hearts. at four barrel


  1. Meli,
    Really beautiful post!
    Rain slick streets, frenchy and birds is just a
    great shot.
    Thanks for the morning muse.
    Jon C

  2. Birds? or flying books? But it is a great shot. I am still a daylight only cyclist - out away from city lights it's pretty dark once the sun goes down!

  3. lovely shots, the lanterns, all the red in the shots down below. I have a hard time believing there are any lack of valentines, thereof!

  4. Hi dolL! Thanks so much for stopping by, I am LOVING your blog. My sister lives in the bay area, and i just love it. I go about twice a year!

  5. Wow, what a cool sculpture of the books - I love stuff like that which you could walk past a hundred times a day and never see, and then one day be like 'Oh wow, holy crap that's beautiful!" It's what makes cities great, and what better way to see it all than on a bike.

    Thanks for sharing your great pics.

  6. I used to know how to make hearts with frothy milk (I'd need to practice now!!) when I was a barista in the summer back home... as a student being a barista in the summer meant good pocket money, plenty of coffee and cappuccino all day long and tons of lovely regulars coming to say hello and keep you company every day ;) ahhhh good times! L xxx

  7. :-)

    I picked up Bust on thurs and haven't had time to tuck in and read your page. can't wait though. xo

  8. LOVE it! I think my favorite is "puppy love!"

  9. FAB post... cafe looks delish... love the heart!!!

  10. Great shots, I like first and second pictures

  11. thanks Jon, as always. the frenchy is meant for city roaming day and nite ;)

    imaginarybicycle/ he ehe rite?! I know, it has been a pleasure to have that installation around, they all blink – it is quite amusing

    dapa/ he heee, well not my fave holiday per se ;-)

    carolyn/ oh awesome! keep me posted when you visit!!!

    mark/ rite, yes!? this installation ive always liked but never really found a uieet minute to observe its energy quietly. it is such a busy corner
    thanks for stoppin by

  12. lorenza/ oh that is awesome! i think baristas have a certain personality and something about them ;-)
    it is def. the social ritual what makes or breaks the coffee love

    mamaVee/ oh i am quite flattered! thanks, as always super sweet mamaV! <3

    anything fits/ ah yes, Vday is excellent for people watch LOL

    fifi/ heeyyy lady! thx - always great to hear from ya :D

    joshyLola/ gracias amor! las luces se apagan y prenden como si fueran música!


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