Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off the bike, On the bike.

/ Noe Valley
Whenever I'm ever away from my Frenchie, my beloved bicycle, I'm either coding like a hardcore keyboard nerd in caffeinated bean square, or okay, parked within a block. My trusty ride awaits, yes. There is no other feeling I look forward everyday than that crazy air, wild wind and wabbly pavement beneath you.

Wednesday night, was crisp and a perfect 47° for butterlap. Some snaps coming soon, I was very stoked I completed the whole loop and all. First butterlap of the year. Swoon.
my beau awaits, as usual /the Mission
The smell of wet streets, dirty corners, or fancy new soap shops, greasy burrito joints, thai food near pizza places – it doesn't matter, whatever it is that awaits I want it.
My parked bike, a block-walk, a quick chat, some coffee before meeting up - bring it. The city has it.
mojo's tuesday nite
mojo's at nite /the Western Addition
dinner trio
dinner trio/the Marina
"this reminds me of you"
"this reminds me of you" my friend Louie said
bike poems woot
take that cupid, I'll be busy reading books – bicycle poetry books to be exact...
Riding into the night. Very happy to be riding everyday and, late nights. /California st.
- - -
hugs xoxoo.meli


  1. Meli, shoot me an e-mail next time you do the Butter Lap! I haven't participated yet but would like to.


  2. Beautiful. I enjoy reading about and seeing how you wring so much enjoyment out of life :)

  3. lee/ oh ill let ya know! :D
    if all goes alrite, ill be there this week (crossing work fingerssss)

    dottie/ ♥oh thank you dottie – i really appreciate it! life is too short not to love it :D


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