Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bike fuel. In and out.

The winter is not that brutal here in San Francisco, but being between places of work, house and out and about on the bicycle, the body temperature can get a bit moody sometimes. This past week I had a tremendous appetite. One day I craved miso soup all day. The other was up for potatoes and veggies. Super good after a breezy foggy evening on the bike lane. Cheers!
sansai ramen miso
sansai ramen miso
veggie rolls + edamame. beer. that's what for dinner / japan town. about $13 p.person

oh bock, i love you so.
Preparation. oh bock, i love you so.
dinner for juan*
dinner for juan*

*One. Bock bear by my beloved company Anchor steam, is available Jan-Apr. It is super good. The above, not a recipe but here are some deets:

1 diced potato
2 med. size zucchini
3 small Mexican squash
A few spoons of garlicy-salsa
Some salt+pepper
Olive oil on a pan - simmer and done.
Pieces of brie melts on top one this is done. brie is from local Marin French Cheese Co. Rouge et Noir


  1. I think the yearning for a good miso soup is universal in the wintertime, no matter the climate. Snowed in in DC for a week, I must have consumed gallons of it. <3

  2. Ooh, have you tried On the Bridge or Suzu in Japantown?

  3. cameron/ &let me know how it goes!

    erica/ right?!?! yummy :D

    thanks gordon!

    Lee/ I have not, on the to-check out list ;D


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