Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight saving bike times

Quite happy about this spring ahead time change.
Many years ago, I did show up to work an hour ahead early. I'm sure one of these years will happen again, with the exception that I haven't worked on a Sunday in ages. I was beyond tired and still in school then. It was only me and this nerd with stinky breath that showed up early so, luckily I had my bike and went for a ride. At the time I had an old 'beast' of a bicycle but still took it everywhere.

omg. the beast.
we had a love/hate relationship

That day I rode to north beach for some coffee since I was so early for work and to cool my jets. In 2004, there were no gourmet trendy coffee spots places near the downtown area. Cafe Trieste in North Beach and Atlas Cafe in the Mission, were my frequent stops in the early weekend mornings. Today I was reminded of this change in 2004 with an early morning, the company and north beach.
&coffee of course. Nice.


  1. Wow, the Ross "was" a beast!

    The light in that last picture is fantastic. It makes me feel nostalgic for...something. I'm not sure what.

    Spring is on the way, though. Maybe I'm nostalgic for the future.

  2. Um, if you forgot to move the clock ahead, how were you an hour early? That must be some strong coffee.

  3. thanks Jon.
    im so glad i got rid of that bike, i was eating cement so often...

    andy K, yes you are right - what I mentioned happened in the later part of the year. everytime the time changes, I remember that incident ;-)
    cheers and thx for stopping by


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