Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gathering of caffeinated thoughts.

Solo time with my frenchie and tons of coffee, are always priority in the midst of it all. The middle of the week can never use enough caffeine. Cheers.
sunday afternoon.
coffee bar.
2 loves that will not fail. and dont need binary explanations.
four barrel.


  1. Hey, I was there yesterday before noon. Recognized the design in the cup.

    Nice light and photos!

  2. I too find Wednesday coffee a necessity! :)

  3. I'm guessing Meli just ordered 16 coffees and that is the last one on the table next to the diary. ;)

    Markus in Brizzvegas

  4. thanks Brad! ;-)

    trisha/ yes - you speak my language he heee...

    mark/ haaaa you are crackin me up!! &that sounds about right... :D


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